Culture and Heritage

Harriston Heritage Walk

As time progresses, so do changes to our Towns. This collection has captured some history of our early buildings, churches and homes that still exist today in Downtown Harriston, Ontario.

Retaining the history of the early days helps understand the way of  life of those who made Harriston a pleasant and viable place to live. John and Margaret Webb were the first homesteaders in 1845 followed by the Harrison Bros. in 1853 establishing our village as land agents and business developers. Along with the completion of the Elora Road in 1862 and the Railway in 1871, Harriston grew to 2000 inhabitants by 1880.

Some of the early business and manufacturing establishments that were the foundation of our town have made way to newer development but their presence will not be forgotten.

Harriston amalgamated in 1999 with Palmerston, Clifford and the surrounding rural Township of Minto to form the Town of Minto. Please enjoy part of our heritage while strolling our streets or taking a leisurely drive through our town!