North for Youth

North for Youth

Investing in our youth today for a stronger, diversified tomorrow. 


Together with our community partners, North for Youth is helping to build communities where youth have ample opportunities and options to pursue personal, educational, vocational, social and health-related goal that will form a high quality of life. 

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What is our goal?

We want to create a safe, enjoyable environment so that youth will want to stay in Northern Wellington for their careers and to build a life here!

How can we accomplish this?

By working together to build the bridges between Youth and their community. By allowing them to have a voice, plan activities and events and get what they want out of their hometown!

Why the Youth focus?

Our Youth are smart, fun, ambitions, full of energy, ideas and valuable input! They bring a light to any project and/or event. It is both rewarding and necessary to work with them to build a community. If we want a community to continue to grow and prosper, it is essential to invest in our Youth!

Key Initiatives

  • Food Skills Program
  • Inter-generational Programs and Activities
  • Northern Wellington Youth Action Councils (Minto, Mapleton & Wellington North)
  • Northern Wellington Youth Connections Event
  • North for Youth Month
  • Outdoor Youth Spaces
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Prom & Grad Attire Pop Up Shoppe
  • Rural Youth Homelessness Initiative 
  • Teen Distracted Driving Video Contest
  • Youth Engagement Community of Practice
  • Youth Harm Reduction Initiative 
  • Youth Hubs across Northern Wellington
  • Youth Week
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