Palmerston Soccer Pitches

Palmerston Soccer Pitches

Palmerston offers 2 full size soccer pitches, 1 under 10 pitch and 1 under 8 pitch located next to the Palmerston Fairgrounds.  All soccer fields are rolled in the spring and have turf maintenance performed twice a year (Aeration, fertilization). Facilities staff maintain the goal nets and line the pitches using paint. 

Facility Rates and Booking Information

Pavilion Rates
Non-Licensed (per day) $100.00
Outdoor Fitness (per hour) $22.60

Ball Diamond Rates
Adult and Single Game - up to 15 games (per game) $65.00
Tournament - Adult - 1 day (per diamond) $325.00
Tournament - Adult - 2 day (per diamond) $375.00
Tournament - Adult - 3 day (per diamond) $425.00

Soccer Pitch Rates
Adult and Single Game (per game) $65.00

All prices include HST

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Booking Information:

T: 519-338-2511

Facility Information:

T: 519-343-3860

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