Groups, Clubs and Organizations

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year but when you volunteer, you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in. 


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Agricultural & Horticultural Societies

Clifford & District Horticultural Society

Not just about pretty flowers, the Clifford & District Horticultural Society also cares for lawns, shrubs, trees, edible fruits, berries, and vegetable gardens in the community. The Clifford & District Horticultural Society shares a love of all things horticultural through their various community flower shows and plant sales, as well as spends time educating the youth on all things horticulture.

Karen Dowler   
T: 519-327-8308    E: 

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Harriston & District Horticultural Society

The Harriston & District Horticultural Society’s main event is the annual Garden Festival, featuring a variety of flowers, plants, vegetables and outdoor crafts and decorations. They are also involved in the maintenance of public flower boxes and beds, as well as educating youth on the importance of horticulture.

Jean Anderson   
T: 519-505-5914    E:

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Harriston-Minto Agricultural Society

The Harriston-Minto Agricultural Society prides itself in being a resilient organization with extremely deep roots in the community, dating back to 1859. Their flagship event, the Harriston-Minto Fall Fair runs the third weekend of September annually.

Callise Loos & Quinn Foerter   
T: 519-497-2502  E:

Harriston Fall Fair Website

Palmerston Agricultural Society

Palmerston’s Agricultural Society is involved in a number of fundraisers and events, the most prominent of which being the Palmerston Fair. Other events designed to increase local appreciation of agriculture include an annual Tractor Pull and Agri-Awareness Day.

Angela Schneider   
T: 519-291-8668   E:

Palmerston Fall Fair Website

Minto Farmers' Market

The Minto Farmers' Market is located in Palmerston. It features 100% locally grown fruits and vegetables (organic and non-organic), home baking, meat, cheese, maple syrup, preserves, spices, plants and unique artisan products.

Erin Raftis   
T: 519-338-2511 ext. 242    E:

Farmers' Market Website

Child Care

Town of Minto After School Programs

Info can be found under the Child Care tab on the left side menu.

Harriston Preschool

Harriston Preschool offers quality early years programs for children 2.5 - 5 years of age.

Joy Murray    

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EarlyON Child & Family Centre

EarlyON Child and Family Centres provide opportunities for children from birth to 6 years of age to participate in play and inquiry-based programs, and support parents and caregivers in their roles..

Lindsay Cowan
T: 519-843-7000    E:

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Cultural Organizations

Grey-Wellington Theatre Guild

This community, volunteer run theatre group has been providing the Town of Minto with high-calibre live theatre four over three decades. Catch their spring and fall productions, as well as other special performances such as Summer Youth Theatre and Christmas events.

Peggy Raftis   
T: 519-338-2778   E:

GWTG Website

Minto Arts Council

The Minto Arts Council is a volunteer-run, charitable organization focused on fostering artistic creativity in the community and showcasing local talent. They oversee the Minto Arts Gallery and organize events such as an annual Christmas Auction and Basement Café concert series.

Gordon Duff   
T: 519-338-2497    E:

Minto Arts Website

Minto Cultural Roundtable 

The mandate of the Minto Cultural Roundtable is to give guidance and input related to culture and to implement the Cultural Plan for Minto.

The committee does this by supporting community led solutions to issues identified by the Roundtable and larger community, encouraging leadership and innovation, facilitating networking and information exchange, serving as a board for ideas and action, reviewing culture-related policies, and integrating cultural development plans into related town plans.

Belinda Wick-Graham   
T: 519-338-2511   E:

Minto Pride Committee  


Harriston (Royal Canadian) Legion Br. 296

Through various fundraisers and community events, the Harriston Legion sponsors local charities and other organizations in an effort to improve our community. Their efforts include jamborees as well as student art, poetry and essay contests. The Legion’s hall is a meeting space/event location for many other local organizations.

Flo Van Meer   
T: 519-338-2843  E:

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Palmerston (Royal Canadian) Legion Br. 409

The Palmerston Legion was formed in 1946, with the Ladies Auxiliary forming in 1948. The Legion is a big part of the community, supporting programs like Guiding, Scouting, Public School Trips, the Palmerston Public Pool, and Palmerston Hospital. In addition, we host many events from monthly dinners, to jamborees and more.

Mary Noble   
T: 519-343-3749   E:

Palmerston Legion Website

Food Banks

Canadian Foodgrains Bank    
Allan Lee    
T: 519-338-2441

Clifford Foodgrains   
Lorne Underwood   
T: 519-392-8573

Clifford Food Bank   
11 Allan St. E, Clifford   
Don Senek   
T: 519-327-8588

Harriston Food Bank   
68 Elora St. S, Harriston   
Bonne Noble   
T: 519-510-3663

Palmerston Food Bank   
215 James St., Palmerston   
Barbara Burrows   
T: 519-417-4774

Firefighters Associations 

Clifford Firefighters Association    
Tyler Andrews   
T: 519-327-8411

Harriston Firefighters Association    
Mike MacDougall   
T: 519-338-3046

Palmerston Firefighters Association   
Todd Boyne   
T: 519-343-3735

Minto Fire Department   
Callise Loos   
T: 519-343-3735

Historical Societies

Palmerston Railway Museum Association

Palmerston's Railway Museum Association is a non-profit organization that celebrates and preserves the Town's Railway Heritage.

Bob McEachern   
T: 519-343-3435    E:   
Palmerston Railway Website

Harriston Historical Society

The Harriston Historical Society works towards the preservation of local history. Their largest collection of historical documents and artifacts is located on the top floor of the Harriston Library.

Willa Wick   
T: 519-338-3232    E:

Harriston Historical Society Website


Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Wellington   
Marianne Christie   
T: 519-338-3259    E:

Community Living Guelph Wellington 

An organization dedicated to facilitating opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to realize their potential and dreams in their communities.

T: 519-338-2559    E:

Drew Community Centre Board

The rural community of Drew is much more than what it appears on the surface.  The anchor of the community is its ball diamond, pavilion and community hall. Its heart is the many volunteers that maintain the centre. With a strong sense of history, tradition and volunteerism, the people in this area try to maintain a strong family based centre for the enjoyment of all ages.

Nicole Hymers   
T: 519-338-9920

Harriston Pistol Club   
Dennis Harper   
T: 519-338-3259

Minto Trails Committees   
Grace Wilson   
T: 519-338-2511

TOPS Harriston   
Jean K.   
T: 226-792-7884    E:

Service Clubs

Clifford & District Lions Club

The Clifford Lions Club is involved in a variety of community service projects, including the planting of trees and construction of park benches, as well as providing donations to other charitable organizations and service clubs.

Sheila Campbell   
T: 519-327-8132  

Clifford Lions Club Website

Clifford Rotary Club

Clifford’s Rotary Club was founded in June 23, 1944 and was sponsored by the Mildmay Rotary Club. The club works to obtain resources and provide support for many community needs and projects. Their events include charity barbeques, Christmas candy drives, rubber duck races, curling bonspiels and an annual car show. They They have funded the construction of two community parks in Clifford. The Clifford Rotary Club works hard towards the betterment of the whole community.

Trish Palmer   
T: 519-327-8142    E:

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Eastern Star   
Ellen Underwood   
T: 519-392-8573    E:

Harriston Kinsmen

The Harriston Kinsmen is a not-for-profit organization that supports a number of parks and recreation projects, including Harriston’s Public Pool. They raise funds for these and other good causes through fundraisers like the Harriston Christmas Parade, curling bonspiels, slow pitch tournaments and more.

Zach Leslie   
T: 519-338-2843   E:

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Masonic Lodge, Harriston

Allan Lee   
T: 519-321-9635

Town of Minto Optimist Club

The Optimist Club of Town of Minto is a community service organization dedicated to "Bringing out the best in youth, in our communities and in ourselves".

Sharon Greenwood   
T: 519-343-3862    E:

Palmerston Kinettes

The Palmerston Kinettes work toward a variety of community goals. Their mobile concession trailer is a staple vendor at any community event.

Brenda Dineen
T: 519-897-3488  E:

Palmerston Lions Club

Palmerston’s Lions Club has supported a multitude of community projects and charitable causes over their long history. Their largest contributions include the restoration of the Norgan Theatre and the construction of the Palmerston Lions Heritage Park.

Dave Wilson   
T: 519-291-7757    E:

Sports Clubs 

Clifford Grassroots Soccer   
Christian Feldskov   
T: 519-338-2511

Clifford Recreation Association   
Randy Ruetz   
T: 519-510-9787    E:


Harriston Curling Club    
Todd Pridham    

Harriston Lawn Bowling   
Ray Harris   
T: 519-338-2046

Harriston Skating Club   

Hometown Baseball   
Grace Wilson    
T: 519-338-2511

Illustrated Movement Dance Academy   
Turner Norman   


Ladies Slo-Pitch League   
Jill MacLean   
T: 519-338-2787    E:

Minto Dance Academy   
Lisa Booth   


Minto Men's Slo-Pitch   
Brad Richardson   
T: 519-327-8178

Minto Minor Ball   
Mike Wilson 
T: 519-497-1586

Minto Minor Hockey   
Geoff Gunson

Minto United Soccer Club   
Curtis Cox
T: 519-200-8691

Norwell Cobras Gymnastics Club   
Sharon Hardie   
T: 519-343-2389

Palmerston Curling Club   
Lyndsey Wilson   
T: 519-343-3521    E:


Palmerston Junior Broomball   
Dana Williams   

Palmerston Marlins   
Kelly Culp   
T: 519-338-2407


Palmerston Snow Kings   
Ron Ash   


Jeff Davie Memorial Organizers    
BJ Cochrane   

Clubs & Organizations 

1943 Army Cadet Battery   
Bill Dobson   
T: 519-572-2718    E:

Clifford Meals on Wheels   
T: 519-327-8899

Harriston 55+ Club   
Sue Debartolo
T: 519-338-5548

Minto Safe Community Committee   
Angelle Eybel   
T: 905-687-1597    E:


Minto Shuffleboard Club    
Grace Wilson   
T: 519-338-2511  

Palmerston Traditional Scouting Explorer   
Peter Poot    
T: 519-343-3745    E:

Palmerston Traditional Scouting Otters & Timberwolves   
Joellen Ayala   
T: 519-343-3745    E:

1st Palmerston Scouts
Dan Bélair   
T: 519-343-2469    E:


Seniors Centre for Excellence   
Helen Edwards   
T: 519-638-1000   E:

Women's Groups

Carry-On Women's Institute   
Lynda Alexander   
T: 519-343-2365    E:

Women of Wellington and Saugeen Area (WOWSA)   
Belinda Wick-Graham   
T: 519-338-2511



Minto Youth Action Council    
Adult Ally 
T: 519-444-8291    E:

Minto YFC Upper Deck    
Aaron Foell   
T: 519-338-5932    E:



Clifford Community Church    
Rev. Doug Bott   
T: 519-327-8157    E:

Clifford United Church    
Pastor Jenn Brown    
T: 519-327-8378    E:

Crossroads Community Life Church    
Pastors John and Jan Finochio; Contact: Theresa Keating   
T: 519-338-5581     E:

Harriston United Church    
Rev. Jessica Cottrell; Contact: Theresa Keating
T: 519-338-3547    E:

James Street United Church
Contact: Deanna Martin, Administrator   
T: 519-343-3620    E:

Knox Calvin Presbyterian Church    
Rev. Kathy Morden; Contact: Jill McLean   
T: 519-338-2624    E:

Knox Presbyterian Church    
Rev. Nick Pavel   
T: 519-343-3201    E:

Palmerston Christian Reformed Church    
Pastor Ken Labbé    
T: 519-343-5359    E: 

Palmerston Evangelical Missionary Church    
Pastor Phil DesJardine    
T: 519-343-3740    E:

Seventh-Day Adventist Church    
Pastor Doug Pollington   
T: 519-338-3841    E:

St. John's Lutheran Church - Clifford    
Rev. Jody Rinas    
T: 519-327-8298    E:

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Palmerston   
Fr. Stephen Gilbert   
T: 519-848-2108 

St. Paul's Anglican Church - Palmerston    
Father Kevin Cull
T: 226-505-1668    E:

St. Thomas Catholic Church    
Pastor Michael Anderson   
T: 519-323-1054    E:

Whites Road Pentecostal Church    
Brad Sumner    
T: 519-338-2090    E:


Minto proudly celebrates housing two Carnegie libraries, situated in Harriston and Palmerston. They continue to be enjoyed by residents since Andrew Carnegie's initial investment in the early 1900s. Even after renovations, the buildings retain much of their beautiful, original architecture. 

The Clifford Branch is newly constructed as of 2006, featuring an expanded library area and a separate medical clinic. 

Clifford Branch   
T: 519-327-8328    E:

Harriston Branch   
T: 519-338-2396    E:

Palmerston Branch   
T: 519-343-2142    E:   

Visit to learn more about what's offered at our libraries!


Clifford Medical Centre    
T: 519-327-4777

Palmerston and District Hospital Auxiliary    
T: 519-343-2040

Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation    
T: 519-343-2040


Blessings to You Centre   
Deanna Martin (Secretary) or JoAnne Caughhill (Treasurer)   
T: 519-343-3082    E:

Downtown Revitalization Committees

Clifford Connects    
Belinda Wick-Graham   
T: 519-338-2511    E:


Harriston Rising   
Kathie Butcher   


All Aboard Palmerston   
Belinda Wick-Graham   
T: 519-338-2511    E: