By-Laws & Enforcement

By-Laws & Enforcement

The Town of Minto has numerous By-laws enacted for various reasons. Examples of this include: Dog Licensing By-Law, enacted to regulate the keeping of dogs within the Town; Parking By-Law, enacted to regulate the safe parking of vehicles within the Town; Noise By-Law, enacted to allow residents to enjoy the use of their properties, free from certain noises.

With the exception of the Noise By-Law, Parking By-Law and the Taxi By-law, the Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Town's By-laws. The Wellington County OPP are under contract with the Town to enforce the Noise By-Law, Parking By-law and Taxi By-law. Complaints under the scope of these three by-laws are to be made with the OPP.

Municipal By-law complaints must be provided to the Building Department in written form only. The complaint form can be found at the link below, or from the Town of Minto's Administrative Office during regular business hours.

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