Building and Planning

Building and Planning

Please note that the Town of Minto endeavours to provide the most up to date Development Charge Rates but they are subject to change. To make sure you have the most up-to-date information for Wellington County please visit their website at: Development Charges - Wellington County

The primary role of the Building Department is to promote public safety and assist development in compliance with Federal, Provincial, County and local regulations. By enforcing Building Codes and assisting builders and home owners, the municipality ensures that the structures are safe, not only for today, but for many years to come.

The Building Department is a multi-faceted department, with its major roles including enforcement of the Ontario Building Code, Municipal By-Law Enforcement, Property Standards Enforcement, ensure the compatibility and protection of adjacent land uses, maintenance and sustainability of properties and the quality of life for Town of Minto residents and visitors.

Building Permits

The Building Department is now accepting applications for all building permits through CloudPermit.

Sign Up/Login to CloudPermit

The link above will direct you to the CloudPermit website where you will need to register for an account, which will allow you to create and submit a Building Permit application. CloudPermit provides applicant’s with the capability to track, monitor and receive notifications on permit and inspection status.

Please note that the Building Department will continue to accept paper applications where necessary.

Building Permit Process Flow Chart

For further assistance, please call the Building Department at (519) 338 2511 x 1

Additional Dwelling Unit Guidelines

Building & Demolition Permit Application

Septic Permit Application

Service Extension and Connection Policy

Municipal Servicing and Design Standards

Energy Efficiency Design Form - Prescriptive

Energy Efficiency Design Summary - Performance

Building By-Law

Amendment to Building By-Law 

Building Permit Fee Schedule

Town of Minto Development Charge By-Law

Site Plan Approval By-Law

Town of Minto Zoning By-Law

Source Water Protection Application

Planning & Zoning

The Building Department is responsible for the Zoning Administration within the Town of Minto.

Planning and Zoning play critical roles in the organized development, future development and direction of the Town of Minto.

The Zoning By-law regulates uses of properties, types, size and location of development permitted on properties. This ensures the compatibility of uses occurring on neighbouring properties.

Please note that if your project does not requires a Building Permit (i.e. an accessory structure less than 108 sq. ft.), compliance with the zoning by-law (i.e. setback to property lines, maximum height, etc.) is still required.

Town of Minto Zoning By-Law

The Town of Minto is currently in the process of updating our Zoning Maps. They will be available here as soon as they are completed.

The County of Wellington has an interactive map that will show you the zoning for your specific property. To access this map, please visit Explore Wellington. To view zoning information, please click "I want to..." followed by "Change Visible Map Layers" and then clicking the checkbox beside "Municipal Zoning".

Site Plan Control Process Flow Chart


Minor Variance Application Form 

Zoning Amendment Application Form

Regular Severance Application Form

Lot Line Adjustment Application Form

Site Plan Control By-Law

Mandatory Pre-Consultation By-Law

Drinking Water Source Protection Screening Form

Site Plan Control Application Form

Planning Fees and Charges

Property Standards

The Town of Minto has an active Property Standards By-law. This by-law ensures and enforces the general repair and maintenance, for both the interior and exterior of buildings, structures and properties. The Property Standards By-law was developed to extend the useful life of all properties, to enhance the general quality and appearance of neighbourhoods and to protect the safety, health and well being of the public.

The Property Standards By-law is enforced through the Building Code Act. As such, it provides the municipality the option to rectify any violations of the by-law and to charge the cost of the repair to the property owner(s), if the property owner does not rectify the violations on his or her own. It is the legal responsibility of the property owner(s) to maintain their property in accordance with the Property Standards By-law.

Property Standards complaints must be provided to the Building Department in written form only. The complaint form can be found at the link below, or from the Town of Minto's Administrative Office during regular business hours.

Citizen Request Portal

Property Standards By-Law

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