Update Regarding the Reconstruction of Whites Road (Wellington Road 5) and Dufferin Street, Palmerston

Update Regarding the Reconstruction of Whites Road (Wellington Road 5) and Dufferin Street, Palmerston


Starting Monday, September 19th, the current detour route on White's Road will shift. To facilitate the installation of the new sewers and watermain on Whites Rd between Nelson Street and the outer limits of town, Brunswick St will be closed to all traffic, excluding local and hospital traffic (which will be permitted). 

See below for specific instructions for each detour route (see images).

  • D-1 :  Hospital & clinic traffic will be directed north on Brunswick from Main St and East on Dufferin Street with access into the hospital parking lot at the entrance located by the Minto Mapleton Health Clinic using Detour 1 (D-1).  There will be hospital signs with directional arrows to direct traffic in direction of the hospital.  
  •  D-2:   All traffic leaving the hospital and clinic will be directed back to Main St using Detour 2 (D-2).
  • D-3:  All traffic approaching Whites Road from the North (Harriston) will be directed west on 3rd Line (Third Line), south on Highway 23 and then east on Main St using Detour 3 (D-3).  There will be hospital signs located on the 3rd line, HWY 23 and on Main St to direct medical traffic in the appropriate direction.
  • D-4:  All traffic attempting to travel north from Palmerston to Harriston will be directed west down Main St, north on Hwy 23 and then east on 3rd Line using Detour 4 (D-4).  

 Access to the Royal Terrace will still be on Whites Road.  Residents, visitors, and deliveries for the Terrace will initially be able to use the pre-existing driveway but by mid week we will be blocking it with our excavation.  At that time they will need to use the alternative driveway we have installed in the pasture field on the north side of the Royal Terrace.  Traffic will have to approach the Terrace from the North.