Media Release: Kennel Bylaw

Media Release: Kennel Bylaw


Kennel Bylaw

The Town of Minto Dog Licensing By-law was updated in 2019, to accommodate changes to the licensing guidelines, and a graduated fee system.

All kennels operating within the Town of Minto are required to abide by the guidelines as set out in the most up to date version of “A Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations”, from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Each kennel is subject to an inspection annually before the kennel license can be renewed, and it is at the discretion of the Town to refuse to renew the license, should the kennel not pass inspection.

Staff inspections of potential kennels include a number of items to be inspected including but not limited to records checks to ensure that all dogs are immunized properly, the names and addresses of the individuals the dogs are to be sold to, and the number and sex of all of the dogs in the kennel. Staff also look to ensure that no dogs are being kept in unsanitary conditions, and that all kennels are providing sufficient designated space for the proper enrichment and socializing of puppies. Town staff also have the ability to complete random inspections, on a per complaint basis and can call in a veterinarian or the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to do a wellness check if they feel it is warranted.

For further information contact:
Derrick Thomson, CAO, Town of Minto
5491 Highway 89, Harriston, Ontario N0G 1Z0
Phone 519-338-2511 ext. 222 Fax: 519-338-2005;

George Bridge, Mayor, Town of Minto
5941 Highway 89, Harriston, Ontario N0G 1Z0
Phone 519-338-2511 Fax: 519-338-2005;