Roadside Weed Spraying

Roadside Weed Spraying

The Town of Minto intends to spray all rural roadsides to control noxious weeds within The Town of Minto, Including West of Highway #9 and West of County Rd. #109.

Using a combination of the following pesticides:

The herbicide Clearview Herbicide, which contains the active ingredients: Aminopyralid (present as potassium salt) and Metsulfuron - methyl. PCP Registration Number 29752 in combination with Gateway Spray Adjuvant, which contains active ingredients Paraffinic Oil and Alkoxylated alcohol non-ionic surfactants. PCP Registration Number 31470 under the Pest Control Products Act.

Spraying will commence on July 2, 2020 weather permitting, and conclude August 21, 2020.

For more information call:
Green Stream - Steve Ford – 1-905-510-1229
Town Of Minto - Mike McIsaac - 1-519-338-2511 Ext 234