FREE Succession Matching Webinars

FREE Succession Matching Webinars

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Do you have questions about the succession planning process?
If so, you need to sign up for the SuccessionMatching Community Project (SMCP) Webinar Series!

Since you are a member of our community, you get complimentary access to this 15-webinar series presented by industry experts on topics like tax planning, family transitions, cooperative conversion, and human resources.  You can view the entire lineup and sign up here.

Each session of the SMCP Webinar series is 25-30min in length and recorded live so you can ask questions directly to the presenter.
Not available at the scheduled time?  Watch it later!

One more thing (I’m guessing you will like this): In addition to the webinar series, you may qualify for a free business buyer or seller account!  Come visit our office to find out!

What are you waiting for? Get answers and plan your succession today!.

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