Roadside Weed Spraying

Roadside Weed Spraying

The Town of Minto Intends to spray all rural roadsides to control noxious weeds within The Town of Minto, Including West of Highway #9 and West of County Rd. #109.

Using a combination of the following pesticides:

  • The Town of Minto intends to control noxious weeds along the following roadsides under their jurisdiction using the herbicide Truvist Herbicide, which contains the active ingredients,Chlorsulfuron and Aminocyclopyrachlor.
  • PCP Registration Number 30920 under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada),in combination with Hasten NT Spray Adjuvant, which contains active ingredients Methyl and ethyl oleate (esterified vegetable oil). PCP Registration Number 28277 under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada).

Spraying will commence on July 7, 2018 weather permitting, and conclude July 28th, 2018.

For more information call:
Green Stream - Steve Ford – 1-905-510-1229
Town Of Minto - Mike McIsaac - 1-519-338-2511 Ext 234