Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Town of Minto Administrative Policies

Proposed Policies

None at this time. 

Public Works Policies

The following are some of the policies related to development and infrastructure in the Town.

Please note this is not a comprehensive listing of policies that may apply to you. Please contact staff regarding specific requirements for your project.

Forms & Policies

Municipal Servicing and Design Standards (September 2020)


Application Form

Permission to access a Town Road Entrance / Culvert

Entrance Policy

Mailbox Installation and Replacement

Mailbox Installation and Replacement Policy

Quality Management System For Water Supply and Distribution System

Quality Management System for Water Supply and Distribution System Policy

Children At Play Signage

Children at Play Signage Policy

Eliminate Unauthorized Road Work

Eliminate Unauthorized Road Work Policy

Special Events

Roads Permit Application Form

Schedule A of By-law 2019-45 (Regulations)

Snow Removal

Snow Removal Policy

Significant Weather Event Policy