Public Works

Public Works

The Council of the Town of Minto will be receiving a report on February 1, 2022 regarding a Water and Sanitary Systems Servicing Strategy. View the Strategy

The Public Works Department maintains Minto's roads, sidewalks, storm sewers, water treatment and distribution plant, and sanitary sewer collection facilities. 

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The Town of Minto currently has about 35 acres of cemetery land within three main facilities.  Minto cemeteries are located within or close by the urban centres of Palmerston, Harriston and Clifford. 

The Town of Minto Cemetery Licence number is 3309489.

Find out more about Minto cemeteries in the 2019 Cemetery Master Plan

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Roads & Drainage

The Roads and Drainage Division takes care of road, sidewalk, curb and storm drainage maintenance and installation including winter snow removal, rural road grading, municipal drains, ditching, cemetery maintenance and other related activities.   There are over 230 km of hard top roads, 53 km of gravel roads, 43 km of sidewalks and 42 culverts and bridges in Minto.  There are 118 municipal drains under the Ontario Drainage Act, and over 30 named drains.  The TLC section takes care of the flowers and landscaped plantings in downtown streetscapes, community gardens, and other Town facilities in cooperation with local Horticultural Societies.


Each year Public Works also supports the Town’s service contract on over 800 LED street lights within the Town, provides comments on dozens of planning applications and development proposals processed by the Building Department, and responds to thousands of service locates through Ontario One Call.


The Water Division is responsible for the four water systems in Minto located in Clifford, Harriston, Minto Pines and Palmerston.  The four systems service over 2,300 customers with about 15.5% of these customers in Clifford, 36% in Harriston, 47% in Palmerston and 1.45% in Minto Pines.   There are 10 drilled wells, eight wellhouses, 225 plus fire hydrants, three water towers and several kilometres of watermain within the four systems. The Water Division must ensure all systems operate according to Ministry of Environment and Climate Change requirements and other applicable legislation including the Clean Water Act.  The entire water system is on electronic metres which read nearly 700,000 m3 of water consumption each year, down 25% since meters were installed in 2015.


The Wastewater Division maintains three wastewater treatment facilities in Clifford, Harriston, and Palmerston.  The Harriston Lagoon Treatment Lagoon System is designed for about 2,400 cubic metres per day with reserve capacity of about 700 cubic metres per day.  The system serves about 2,010 people or 760 households.  The Clifford Lagoon System design capacity is 500 cubic metres per day with reserve capacity of about 170 cubic metres per day.  It serves about 760 people.  The Palmerston Waste Water Treatment Facility serves about 2,720 people with design capacity just over 2,010 cubic metres per day.  There is reserve capacity is near 585 cubic metres per day.  The Division also ensures several kilometres of wastewater mains, multiple lift stations, and hundreds of manholes within the system are maintained .

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