Third Party Advertisers

The Municipal Elections Act now includes requirements for Third Party Advertisers.

Notice of Nomination and Third Party Registration (coming soon!)

More information on Third Party Advertisers can be found on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs website.

The last day to register as a Third Party Advertiser is...coming soon!

Registered Third Party Advertisers

This page will be updated as registration are received, and certified by the Clerk.

Name of Third Party Advertiser Filing Date

Forms and Resources


Form 7 Notice of Registration
Form 8 Financial Statement - Auditor's Report, Third Party
Form TM52 Declaration of Qualifications, Third Party
Form TM53 Contributions to Third Party Advertisers
Form TM57 Broadcaster and Publisher Information, Third Party Advertisers
Form TM58 Estimated Maximum Campaign Expenditures, Third Party
Form TM59 Final Certificate of Maximum Campaign Expense Limit Third Party Advertisers