Municipal Election 2018

Municipal Election 2018


Declaration of Elected Candidates

Final Voting Results

The 2018 Municipal Election will be held on Monday, October 22, 2018.

This election includes the election of Town of Minto Council including the position of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and five Councillors, as well as school board trustees and Wellington County Councillor.

Notice of Election Information

The Municipal Elections Act (MEA) is the legislation which governs the operation and administration of the municipal elections. The MEA has been updated with a number of changes, including key dates.

Ontario Municipal Elections Act, 1996

For information regarding School Board Trustee Elections, please visit

Vote By Mail
In the 2018 Municipal Election, Town of Minto voters will cast their ballot using Vote by Mail. This method provides flexibility, which allows for a longer voting period than traditional voting. It is also more convenient, more accessible, and better enables electors to exercise their right to vote.

Why Vote

Voting is a fundamental right of our democracy. When you vote, you are selecting representatives who approve the laws and policies that determine how our community functions.

Municipal government is involved in many aspects of our daily lives – maintaining roads and sidewalks, providing clean water, clearing the snow, providing recreation opportunities and protecting our residents.

A person is entitled to be a voter at the municipal elections if on Voting Day (October 22, 2018) they are:

  • A Canadian citizen
  • At least 18 years of age or older on Voting Day
  • Reside in the Town of Minto or an owner or tenant of land or the spouse of such owner or tenant
  • Not otherwise prohibited from voting

How To Vote

Vote By Mail

Vote by Mail will be the voting method used for the 2018 Municipal Election.
Vote by Mail is an alternative approach to voting. Instead of having traditional poll locations for voting, a voter kit is mailed to each eligible elector on the voters’ list.  Voters can return the completed kits either through the mail or they can be hand-delivered to Ballot Return Stations.

How To Complete a Voter Kit

Please see the Vote by Mail Video Tutorial for video instruction on how to vote by mail.

Why are we using Vote by Mail?

  • Ease and convenience for voters—you can vote in the comfort of your home and on your own time.
  • It is an accessible way to vote for people with mobility issues.
  • You can vote even if you are away on Election Day.
  • Many Ontario municipalities successfully conducted their municipal elections in 2014 using Vote by Mail, including our neighbours in Erin, Centre Wellington, and Mapleton.

Is Vote by Mail secure?

Vote by Mail is a double envelope system that protects the confidentiality of the voter.  Just like your other bills and payments, your completed ballots (in return envelopes) are processed through the Canada Post mail delivery network. Election staff use the signed voter declarations within the return envelopes to strike voters off the list—it is against the law to vote more than once for any elected office within the same municipality or school board.

When To Vote

Voting Day for the 2018 Municipal Election is October 22, 2018, when all ballots will be counted!

Voters listed on our Voters' List will receive a Voter Kit in the mail, with instructions on how to complete the kit and return it to our Election Team.

Are You On the List to Vote?

Check to see if you are on the Voters' List

When are Voter Kits Delivered?

Look for your Voter Kit in the mail during the week of September 24, 2018.

When Do You Need to Mail Your Completed Voter Kit?

Complete and mail your Voter Kit by October 11, 2018.

How Do You Complete Your Voter Kit?

Instructions will be included within your kit.  

Check out our How To Vote section to learn more about completing your kit.

Need a Voter Kit? Prefer to Hand Deliver your Completed Voter Kit?

Visit a Ballot Return Station below:

Date & Time Location
September 24 to October 21, 2018
8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
Town of Minto Municipal Office
5941 Highway 89, Harriston
October 9, 2018
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Clifford Community Hall
2 William Street North, Clifford
October 10, 2018
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Harriston Community Hall
111 George Street South, Harriston
October 11, 2018
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Palmerston Community Hall
520 Cavan Street, Palmerston
Monday, October 22, 2018 (VOTING DAY)
8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Town of Minto Municipal Office
5941 Highway 89, Harriston

Am I On The Voters List?


Are You on the List?

Are you on the List to Vote?Through, Ontario residents can find out whether they’re on the list to vote.

Eligible electors can also update:

  • their information
  • add a name to an address, or
  • change their school support. will provide municipalities with accurate and up-to-date information for preparing the final Voters’ List used on election day, making it easier and more efficient when voter packages are prepared for electors. 

Voter Eligibility

A person is entitled to be an elector (voter) at an election held in a municipality if, on Voting Day (October 22, 2018), he or she:

  • is a Canadian citizen
  • is at least 18 years of age
  • residents in the municipality, or is the owner or tenant of land in the municipality, or the spouse of such a person; and
  • is not prohibited from voting under any law.

Have your say. Log on today! Your Municipality is Minto.

Not on the list? Fill out the Application to Amend Voters' List and return to the Clerk's Department.

Information For Candidates

The upcoming municipal election in the Town of Minto will be held on Monday, October 22, 2018.


The nomination period for municipal elections is now May 1 – July 27, 2018.
The nomination period for candidates is now CLOSED.


View a copy of the 2018 Municipal Election Nomination Ad for the Town of Minto.

The Town of Minto is responsible for the coordination and management of municipal elections.  In accordance with the Municipal Elections Act legislation, the Clerk conducts elections every four years for the offices of:

Qualification of a Member of Council

A person may be nominated for an office only if, as of the day the individual files a nomination paper, he or she is:

  • 18 years of age or older; AND
  • A Canadian citizen; AND
  • A resident of the Town of Minto OR an owner or tenant of land in the Town of Minto OR the spouse of such a person AND
  • Eligible to vote.

Qualification of a Member of a School Board

A person is qualified to be elected as a member of a board if he/she is:

  • 18 years of age or older; AND
  • A Canadian citizen; AND
  • A resident within the area of jurisdiction of the board; AND
  • Eligible to be an elector of that school board for which the person is a candidate; AND
  • Not disqualified by any legislation from holding office.


County of Wellington Ward Map
2018 Candidate's Guide for Ontario Municipal Council and School Board Elections
2018 Voter's Guide for Ontario Municipal Council and School Board Elections
Candidate's Guide to Accessible Elections
Municipal Elections Act, 1996
Upper Grand District School Board Distribution Letter
Upper Grand District School Board Map
Wellington Catholic District School Board Distribution Letter
Wellington Catholic District School Board Map
MPAC Toolkit

Third Party Advertisers

The Municipal Elections Act now includes requirements for Third Party Advertisers.

More information on Third Party Advertisers can be found on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs website.

The last day to register as a Third Party Advertiser is Friday, October 19, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.


Form 7- Notice of Registration
Financial Statement- Auditor's Report, Third Party
Declaration of Qualifications
2018 Third Party Advertiser's Guide for Ontario Municipal Council & School Board Elections
Municipal Elections Act, 1996

Financial Statements

2018 Municipal Election

Mayoral Candidate Financial Statements

George Bridge

Terry Fisk

Deputy Mayoral Candidate Financial Statements

David Turton

Councillor Candidate Financial Statements

Jean Anderson

Judy Dirksen

Ron B Elliott

Geoff Gunson

Glen Hall

Mark MacKenzie

Scott Marshall

County Councillor Candidate Financial Statements

David Anderson