Saturday Night at the Movies

Saturday Night at the Movies

  1. May 4, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
23 Elora Street South

Our Saturday Night Double Feature for this month: A monster Mash of the good old kind! Spectacular Science Fiction as they could do only in the 60's. Some sensational creatures will be going over the screen this 4th of May, threatening to destroy the earth. Not once, but twice, in the classics Mothra and Attack of the Monsters!!

Mothra 1961
90 minutes
A science fiction classic! After an atomic explosion, members of a Japanese expedition explore the heavily-radiated Infant Island. Much to their surprise, the scientists discover that life still exists there: two beautiful twin girls called Ailenas. Standing only 6 inches high, they are the guardians of Mothra, a sacred giant egg. Later, Nelson, one of the explorers whose avarice has gotten the best of him, returns to the island to kidnap the Ailenas with plans to exhibit them around the world. Nelson gets more than he bargained for however. The giant egg hatches into a larva which grows to tremendous size and wreaks havoc on downtown Tokyo. Soon the caterpillar metamorphoses into a giant moth which the entire Japanese armed force can't stop. Will the earth survive?

Two young boys board a flying saucer and are whisked to a planet on the far side of the sun, opposite of the Earth. When they land, they are taken by two female aliens who plan on eating their brains. Help arrives for the boys in the form of Gamera, their favorite monster, who battles the alien’s monster Guiron in order to rescue the boys and prevent the aliens from invading the Earth.