CAO / Clerk's Department

Bill White, CAO / Clerk

CAO / Clerk Bill White

The Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk (CAO/Clerk) is responsible for the efficient organization of all aspects of the municipality's administration.

The position offers advice and support to Council in developing and implementing corporate policy and strategy, and provides leadership to the management and staff of the Town. The CAO/Clerk directs the human, financial and physical resources of the Town to ensure Council initiatives are met.

The CAO acts as a liaison between the Mayor / Council and the Town Management Team.

The following is a general Organizational Chart for the Town.

The CAO is a member of the Ontario Municipal Administrators Association, and is bound by their code of ethics.

Please feel free to forward your inquiries regarding Town business to Bill White, CAO/Clerk 519-338-2511 ext 222

Clerk's Department

What is the Clerk's Department Responsible For?
The Clerk's Office and staff provide corporate, customer and statutory services to the public, other departments and external agencies. A few of the key activities include:
• to operate the Clerk's Office in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Municipal Act, Planning Act and other related statutes, as well as directions from Council and the CAO
• to provide legislative support to Council and Committees;
• to prepare Agendas, Minutes, By-laws, Policies and Agreements and related corporate documents;
to commission documents,
issue marriage licenses, conduct civil ceremonies
•  issue burial permits and register deaths;
• to record Council and Committee proceedings and maintain the official records of the Municipality (by-laws, minutes, policies agreements etc.);
• to respond to requests for access to municipal records received under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;
• to serve as a general information office with respect to a broad range of inquiries from the public;
to conduct municipal and school board elections;
• to provide animal licensing, municipal lottery licensing program and outdoor vendor licensing;
• to administer the Line Fences Act;
to administer the Livestock Damage Program

Council Meetings are held at the Council Chambers at the municipal office at 5941 Highway 89 unless otherwise posted. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings which occur:

~Regular Council first Tuesday of each month at 3:00pm~
~Regular Council third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm~

To be a delegation at a Council meeting contact the CAO/Clerk for information on upcoming meeting dates and procedures. Typically the Council meeting agenda is set by noon the Wednesday one week prior to the meeting.

All Council meetings are open to the public. Council can only go into a closed session for specific reasons set in law such as employee/employer relations, solicitor client privilege, and buying/selling property. The Town's Closed Meeting Investigator is:

Mr. John Maddox
99 Edgevalley Road, Unit 42
London, ON  N5Y 5N1

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Town of Minto Municipal Corporation

The Town created a Municipal Services Corporation to acquire and operate the Harriston Lion’s Medical Clinic.  The Business Case required under the Municipal Act is provided below as are the public meeting minutes and by-law approving the Corporation.  The members of the Board of Directors are Mayor George Bridge, President, C.A.O. Bill White Vice President, Gordon Duff Secretary Treasurer, Town of Minto Council members.  The terms of reference for the Corporation are also included below.

Town of Minto Municipal Corporation terms of reference

At the Town of Minto we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service possible to you, the public. Contact us and let us know how we do from time to time. If you have questions or concerns with anything that relates to municipal government, please contact the Town at 519-338-2511. Office hours are between 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.