Planning and Zoning

The Building Department is responsible for the Zoning Administration within the Town of Minto.

Planning and Zoning play critical roles in the organized development, future development and direction of the Town of Minto.

The Zoning By-law regulates uses of properties, types, size and location of development permitted on properties. This ensures the compatibility of uses occurring on neighboring properties.

Please note that if your project does not requires a Building Permit (i.e. an accessory structure less than 108 sq. ft.), compliance with the zoning by-law (i.e. setback to property lines, maximum height, etc.) is still required.


This following version of the zoning by-law is the January 2015 office consolidation.  Efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, but you are encouraged to confirm that the information you have obtained from this website is the most up to date available.  The zoning by-law is amended on a regular basis and not all changes will be reflected in the by-law.  Check with Building Staff to verify all zoning information to confirm accuracy.  Thank you

Town of Minto Zoning By-Law


Minor Variance Application Form
Zoning Amendment Application Form
Regular Severance Application Form
Lot Line Adjustment Application Form
Site Plan Control By-Law
Site Plan Control Application Form 
Planning Fees


Wellington County Official Plan
Wellington County Planning Department