We can help your business look its best. 

Downtown business owners in Minto have access to façade, signage and structural grants to help put their best business face forward. 

Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

Community improvement planning activities are shaped by local needs, priorities and circumstances. Through community improvement plans, municipalities can:

    •  focus public attention on local priorities and municipal initiatives
    •  target areas in transition or in need of repair, rehabilitation and redevelopment
    •  facilitate and encourage community change in a co-ordinated manner
    •  stimulate private sector investment through municipal incentive-based programs.
(MAH, 2009)

Town of Minto's Community Improvement Plan

Financial Incentives

Façade & Signage Improvement Grant Program

The purpose of this program is to encourage facade and signage improvements for privately owned commercial buildings in the Community Improvement Areas within the Town of Minto.

This is a matching grant program, which means that the applicant pays a portion of the improvement and the Town provides a grant for a portion up to a maximum of $3,000 for facades and $1,000 for signage. Costs in excess of the maximum grant and loan shall be the responsibility of the applicant.

This grant is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and applications are generally reviewed monthly.

Town of Minto Facade and Signage Guidelines

Grant Terms and Conditions

Grant Application Form


Structural Grant Program

The purpose of the Structural Grant Program is to offer incentives to landowners, businesses and developers that propose significant commercial, industrial, residential or institutional projects that substantially renovate, restore, improve and update a prominent building or structure or key vacant property and accomplish more than one of the following:

  • Address structural and life safety issues to create usable and efficient floor space
  • Improve property standards or preserve architectural significance
  • Remediate a brownfield site, or improve the environment by planting trees, protecting habitat, or other methods to enhance the natural ecosystems
  • Upgrade public infrastructure such as sewer, water, storm, roadway, sidewalks
  • Preserve or enhance employment opportunities
  • Grant assistance is provided in the form of an up to 50% matching grant, which is paid upon completion of the previously approved work. Please review the specific grant program terms and conditions.

This grant is awarded in two in-takes a year and is an extremely competitive process. The next in-take will be September 2, 2016.

Grant Application Form

Evaluation Criteria

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