Circles® Wellington County

Circles® Wellington County is hosted by the Wellington County Learning Centre. Meeting on Wednesday evenings at the Arthur United Church in Arthur since September 2015, Leaders and Allies from communities throughout Wellington County gather to build supportive relationships to assist Leaders in their journeys towards financial self – sufficiency. Each meeting includes a meal and a guest speaker or discussion topic aimed at building skills and/or raising awareness about community resources related to Leaders’ employment, education and/or training related goals. Circles® Coaches Megan and Ruth provide an inviting space to build a unique community of people committed to reducing poverty in Wellington County.

Circles® is a high-impact, 18-month-long voluntary strategy designed to:

– provide emotional and practical support
– assist with complex issues
– build the “social capital” of people living in low income situations
– show the community the very real barriers holding people in poverty
– walk with people in poverty and support positive changes in their lives

The Circles® program has been used in dozens of communities in the US and Canada. It is a proven and credible program that makes real and on-going change for individuals and our community.

A “circle” consists of three types of people —

1. Circles® Leader –   An individual or family of low income who is interested in becoming self-sufficient.

2. Allies –  two or three volunteers for each Leader who engage in a mutual, caring relationship with an individual or family working to become self-sufficient.

3. The Coach – The Circles® Coach supports Circles® Leaders and Allies in fine-tuning personalized action plans. The Circles® coach is a paid position that has received specialized training to support and manage the Circles® program.

Follow these links for further information:

Circles® Overview

Circles® Brochure


If you have any questions, please contact:

Megan Despard, Circles® Coach with Circles® Wellington County
Wellington County Learning Centre
W:   @circleswc
T: 519-848-3462
Cell: 226-821-0099

Visit the Circles® Wellington County website here.