Property Tax

Property Tax & Assessment

The cycle of Province-wide property re-assessments every four years which began in 2009 continues. Assessment increases for all classes of property are phased in over four years. Any property tax decreases are recognized fully in the year in which they occur. The local tax rate increase for 2013 is 3.7%. For a residential property assessed at $193,000 when combined with the changes to the County and Education levy, the total annual increase for most ratepayers is around 2.7% or $75. Because of shifts between different types of property classes, even if there is no change in assessment, there may be changes in taxes beyond the changes in tax rates. In addition, those properties which have had a change in assessment due to a building addition, a change in assessment class, a successful assessment appeal or various other property-specific changes will have higher or lower changes in taxes.

2018 Tax Rates

How It Is Calculated

The assessments used to calculate this year's tax rate are based on Current Values as at January 1, 2012. Changes in assessment will have an effect on a property's final tax bill. If the assessment has gone up or down due to a reassessment, there will be a correspondingly higher or lower increase in taxes.

Request For Consideration

Residential, Farm and Managed Forest property owners must complete the Request for Reconsideration process before making an appeal to the Assessment Review Board. There is no charge for the R for R process and forms are available at the Town Office. The deadline to appeal your 2013 assessment has passed. Once you have been notified by MPAC of their decision, property owners have 90 days to appeal that decision to the ARB. Changes in assessment will affect the impact of tax rate changes on a particular property.

Useful Contacts

Property tax calculations remain complex. If you have further questions, these contact numbers may be useful:

Property Assessment

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

Provincial Legislation & Regulations

Randy Pettapiece, MPP

Municipal Tax Policies

County of Wellington

Property Tax Bills

Town of Minto

Tax Reduction & Rebates

The County of Wellington has approved a tax reduction program for qualified low-income seniors and disabled residential class property owners. A Vacancy Rebate Program for Commercial and Industrial properties continues in 2013. A program to rebate a portion of taxes for charities or similar non-profit organizations that occupy commercial or industrial property has been approved by the County of Wellington.

Tax Dollar Expenditure Broken Down

The Town of Minto's typical tax dollar of expenditure is broken down as follows:

Council Expenses $0.02
Administration & Support $0.08
Fire Protection $0.17
People & Property $0.04
Roads and Drainage $0.38
Cemeteries & Health Services $0.01
Recreation $0.19
Building & Zoning $0.03
Economic Development $0.08

Total $1.00