Winter Road Conditions and Restrictions

Daily Update:

All information provided is based on the current conditions during the morning regular patrol performed between 03:30 - 06:30 daily from October 1 and April 31 of each winter season.  Conditions change constantly throughout each day.  Please drive and walk accordingly and remember, if it looks like ice, it probably is ice!

Nov 13  5:30 am  Air Temp 1 Road Temp 1    Roads Bare and wet. No units called to service.

Nov 12   5:30 am  Air Temp-6 Road Temp -5   Roads centre/trac bare wet. Visibility good. No units called to service 

Nov 11  4:30 am  Air Temp -15 Road Temp -13  Roads Centre bare / Trac bare with light snow pack in arenas. Unit #51 called to service. Spot sand/salting.  

Nov 10  4:00 am Air Temp -13 Road Temp -11 Snow covered roads with slippery spots. Visibility is good light winds. All units called out to service.

Nov 9  7:00 am Air Temp 0 Road Temp 2 Roads bare and dry no service needed

Nov 8  7:00 am Air Temp 0 Road Temp 2 Roads bare and dry no service needed

Nov 4  7:00 am Air temp 0 Road temp 2 Roads are bare and dry no service needed 

Nov 2  7:00 am Air temp  5 Road temp 5 Roads are bare and wet no service needed  

Nov 1  7:00  am  Air temp 0  Road temp 1 Roads are bare and wet no service needed 

Report a Snow Removal Issue

You can also contact us at 519-338-2511 during working hours. Messages left are checked daily, Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

For Information on Road Conditions and Weather Forecasts:

County of Wellington Plowing Map

County of Wellington Roads

Environment Canada - Radar

Local Radio - CKNX

Provincial Roads - 511

The Weather Network - Forecast

The Weather Network - Roads




Snow plow operations are governed by the Town's Snow Removal Policy. It is Town practice to have all municipal roads plowed at least once every 24 hours if conditions warrant. Lengthy service delays can occur in freezing rain conditions.

Plow Routes
The Town is broken into standard plow routes, so all roads in the Town can be cleared in about twelve hours if all plows are in operation. The number of plows on duty depends on staff and equipment availability and road conditions. If less plows are available, the standard routes are adjusted accordingly.

Plowing Schedule
Depending upon weather conditions, plowing operations begin at 4:00am. Usually, all routes are completed prior to 10am. Weather depending, a second plow pass may be completed in the afternoon, limited to specified roads only. This second pass may  cover all roads under exceptional conditions.

Removal of Snow Policy:

Removal of Snow Policy with Routes