Marriage Licence

The Clerk's Department issues marriage licenses and can conduct a customized civil marriage ceremony to suit your needs and preferred location. The marriage license fee is $120.00. The following links are the forms and application information.

Marriage License Application Form

Marriage License Application Information

Before you get Married

The Town would be pleased to provide a Civil Marriage ceremony that suits your needs. Please have a look at the Town guidelines, we will help customize your ceremony with you.

Guidelines to Civil Marriage Ceremonies

Request for Marriage Certificate

Out-of-Country Divorce Requirements

If you were divorced outside of Canada, you will need to provide certain documents to prove that you are no longer married. The Government of Ontario needs to validate these documents.

You will need to send the following documents to ServiceOntario:

  • Marriage license application: completed and signed
  • Statement of Sole Responsibility: for each divorce (signed by both people who are planning to get married and a witness)
  • Legal opinion letter: from an Ontario lawyer, addressed to both people who plan to get married, giving reasons why the divorce or annulment should be recognized in Ontario
  • Divorce decree or annulment: an original or court-certified copy in English or French
  • If the decree is in another language, you will need to include a translated copy and an affidavit sworn by a certified translator

Mailing Address:

Marriage Office
PO Box 4600
189 Red River Road
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6L8

You can also contact the Marriage Office for a sample legal opinion letter.
For more information: contact the Marriage Office, ServiceOntario at 1-800-461-2156 (toll-free) or visit their website

Marriage Officiants:

Bill White

Annilene McRobb
Deputy Clerk